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A gathering of goods born in the Hudson Valley.
Highly crafted by doers and makers, using the world's finest ingredients.

Home, Self, and Celebration

Our mission is to craft an unexpected celebration of goods that reflect the essence of New York's Hudson Valley, your natural lifestyle, and speak to your renegade spirit. We develop wares that are unique, sustainable and reusable — of the earth and for the earth. This is Wickers Creek. 

Natural Blend Scented Candles in Reusable Vessel

Whiskey Nights

The warmth and complexity of a fine whiskey filtered through the familiar scents of late nights spent with old friends. Blended with naturally-derived Davana oil and premium patchouli, with notes from the white oak of aged whiskey barrels.

Sacred Ember

Using a sensual mix of sweet orris and smoky copal, we celebrate the ritual of gathering around the fire. Nature’s silence paired with the crackle of aged wood, the unmistakable scent of dry heat and the wild spirit of the flame.

Indie Summer

Conjuring a showreel of sun-drenched days, Indie Summer is our ode to your summer of love, crafted with juniper berry, tonka bean and solar florals to bring the great outdoors in. 



These vessels are born of fire—a change of state frozen in time when liquid metal stills into shape. The iron is guided into geological slips with a hot burst of energy making a small cavern of light. I made these to focus our contemplation, to push heavy against fragile, to tease the veil between present and past. 

- Jarrod Beck 

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